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208 округ: общественно-политические настроения

208 electoral district: socio-political moods

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•    Results of the survey carried out by the Sociological Group Rating on July 4-11, 2020 among the residents of №208 electoral district revealed that the state of local things is assessed better as compared to the overall situation in the region or country. Thus, only 16% believe the country is heading in the right direction, 65% share the opposing opinion. 25% think the oblast is heading in the right direction, 52% - in the wrong direction. On the other hand, 36% of the district residents believe the things are heading in the right direction in their places of residence, 50% share the opposing opinion. Younger respondents and those with higher income provide more optimistic assessment at all levels.

•    The military conflict in the East of the country (59%) and lack of job, unemployment (50%) lead in the ranking of national importance problems among respondents. Nevertheless, at the national level respondents are also concerned about the COVID-2019 epidemic (30%), low salaries and pensions (23%), bribery and corruption within government bodies (23%), and inability to obtain high quality healthcare (21%). At the personal level, respondents believe that low level of salaries and pensions is the biggest problem (40%). Lack of job is of personal concern for 35% of the polled, the war in the East – for 29%, low-quality healthcare - 22%, the COVID-2019 epidemic - 17%, growth of tariffs - 16%, bribery and corruption within government bodies and growth of prices for basic goods - 14% each.

•    Among the local problems, residents of the district are most concerned about the lack of job (51%) and low salaries in the region (40%). Low-quality healthcare is of concern for 33%, poor roads condition – for 28%, poverty - 26%, villages’ extinction - 24%, land theft - 20%, industrial decline - 17%, drug addiction, alcoholism, and agriculture decline - 14% each.

•    About 40% failed to assess the activities of the Chernihiv Oblast State Administration and Chernihiv Oblast Council. One-third of respondents expressed satisfaction with their activities, as many - dissatisfaction.

•    44% of respondents are satisfied with the activities of President Zelensky, 45% - dissatisfied. 43% are dissatisfied with the activities of Prime Minister D.Shmygal, 17% are satisfied, 42% could not evaluate. 75% are dissatisfied with the performance of the Verkhovna Rada, only 13% are satisfied.

•    Among the main spheres of life, respondents rated the performance of educational institutions (schools and kindergartens) relatively better - about 50% are satisfied with their work, about one-third are dissatisfied. 40% are satisfied with ecology, 56% are dissatisfied; 37% are satisfied with life safety and crime control, 55% are dissatisfied; 32% are satisfied with agricultural development, 63% are dissatisfied; 29% are satisfied with social protection, 59% are dissatisfied. Support for young families - 23% and 58% respectively; only 13% are satisfied with the fight against corruption at the local level, 64% are dissatisfied. The residents of the district expressed the greatest dissatisfaction with the condition of roads (dissatisfied - 73%, satisfied - 26%), healthcare (76% and 20%, respectively), and new jobs creation (85% and 10%).

•    82% are satisfied with the quality of electricity supply, 17% are dissatisfied; gas supply - 64% and 28% respectively; quality of drinking water - 62% and 36%.

•    Among local politicians, respondents reveal the best attitude towards O.Lyashko (49% - positive, 23% - neutral, 27% - negative). 6% have a positive attitude towards A.Bohdan (26% - neutral, 19% - negative, and 50% do not know him). More than 75% of respondents do not know other politicians.

•    Considering the rating of political forces (elections to the Verkhovna Rada), the leader is “Radical Party” of Oleh Lyashko - 27.6% of those who have decided and intend to vote are ready to support it. “Sluha Narodu” party is supported by 19.0%, “Batkivshchyna” - by 16.0%, “Opposition Platform – Za Zhyttia” - 8.4%, “European Solidarity” - 6.5%, “Syla i Chest” - 4.6%, “Nash Krai” "- 4.0%, “Rydniy Dim”- 3.2%. Rating of other political forces is below 3%. About 25% have not decided on the matter.

•    Among the candidates in the mid-term elections of the People's Deputy in the electoral district, the leader is Oleh Lyashko - 65.1% of those who decided and would take part in the voting are ready to support him. The rating of other candidates is much lower. Thus, A.Panchenko would be supported by 9.3% of respondents, A.Usenko - 5.9%, A.Bohdan - 4.5%, V.Tkachenko - 4.5%, A.Hunko - 1.1%. 26-27% have not decided on the matter.

•    55% of respondents believe that the Verkhovna Rada should consist of experienced deputies, 25% are convinced that the so-called "new faces" should become People's Deputies. 20% have not decided.

•    62% said that when electing a People's Deputy, they would rather vote for a candidate who pays more attention to solving economic issues directly in the district. Only 19% would support a candidate who would pay more attention to state level affairs.

•    61% are ready to support a candidate who already has experience in politics; only 16%  are more likely to support a candidate without such experience.

•    37% could vote for a candidate who supports the course of President Zelensky, 26% - for the oppositional one; 37% think these factors are not significant. 36% would support a candidate who represents a particular party, 21% - a self-nominated candidate; 47% believe these factors are irrelevant.

Audience: residents of №208 electoral district (Chernihiv oblast) aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 1200 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2.8%. Period of the survey: 4-11 July, 2020.

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