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Мониторинг местных выборов 2020: Винницкая область


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•    Results of the survey carried out by the Sociological Group Rating on September 1-13, 2020 among the residents of Vinnytsia oblast revealed that the state of local things is assessed much better as compared to the overall situation in the country. Thus, only 13% believe the country is heading in the right direction, 69% share the opposing opinion. Regarding the state of things in the region, respondents are more optimistic: 33% think the oblast is heading in the right direction, 43% - in the wrong direction. Regarding the situation in the cities/villages, the assessments are even better: 44% believe the things in the cities/villages are going in the right direction, 43% share the opposing opinion.

•    Emotions of disappointment predominate among respondents (38%). 28% said they felt hope, 13% - interest, 11% - joy, 8-9% - indifference, sadness, anger, confusion.

•     V.Hroysman leads in the rating of trust among national politicians. 61% trust him, 31% do not trust him. 31% trust V.Zelensky, 61% do not trust him; 21% trust P.Poroshenko, 72% do not trust him; 19% trust Y.Tymoshenko, 74% do not trust her; 16% trust I.Smeshko, 43% do not trust him, and 33% do not know him; 14% trust Y.Boyko, 55% do not trust him, and 21% do not know him.

•    25% of respondents are satisfied with the activities of President V.Zelensky, 65% are dissatisfied. 11% are satisfied with the activities of Prime Minister D.Shmygal, 62% are dissatisfied, 27% could not assess. Only 8% are satisfied with the performance of the Verkhovna Rada, 81% are dissatisfied.

•    67% of respondents said they would definitely participate in the local elections. 14% of respondents still have not decided (50/50), 5% of respondents would possibly vote. 12% of the polled said they were unlikely to participate in the elections. Older categories of the population and rural citizens are relatively more likely to participate in the elections.

•    “Ukrainian Strategy” party leads (Oblast Council elections) with a rating of 33.2% among those who intend to vote and have decided. “Sluha Narodu” is supported by 15.8%, “Batkyvshchyna” – by 10.8 %, “European Solidarity” – 10.7%, “Opposition Platform – Za Zhyttia” – 6.0%, “Radical Party” – 4.6%, “Vinnytsia citizens party” – 4.4%, “Syla i Chest" - 3.4%. The rating of other political forces is below 3%. About 20% have not decided on the matter.

Audience: residents of Vinnytsia oblast aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 1200 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2.8 %. Period of the survey: 1-13 September, 2020

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