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Общественно-политические настроения в Днепре: июль 2018

Socio-political Moods in Dnipro: July 2018

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 • According to the research carried out by the Sociological Group "Rating" among the residents of Dnipro, Yulia Tymoshenko leads the presidential rating: 19.0% of those who intend to vote are ready to support her. 13.5% intend to vote for V.Zelenskiy, for Y.Boyko - 13.4%, A.Hrytsenko - 8.3%, V.Rabynovich - 7.9%, P.Poroshenko - 7.0%, О.Lyashko - 5.9%, S.Vakarchuk - 3.9%. The rating of other candidates is less than 2%. 12,0% are not determined with the choice.

• Leader of the so-called "second choice" is V.Zelenskiy - 12.7% of those who would not  find their main favorite in the list of candidates could have supported him. About 8% of the respondents could vote for S.Vacharchuk, Y.Tymoshenko and O.Lyashko under such circumstances, 6.8% - for A.Hrytsenko, 6.2% - V.Rabynovich, 5.8% - Y.Boyko, 3.1% - A.Sadoviy, 2.7% - P.Poroshenko.
• The leader of the anti-rating is P.Poroshenko: almost a half (48%) of the residents of the Dnipro would not vote for him under any conditions. Anti-rating of A.Yatsenyuk is 28.6%, N.Savchenko - 21.9%, Y.Tymoshenko - 19.1%, O.Tyahnybok - 16.7%, O.Lyashko - 16.2%, Y.Boyko - 14.6%, V.Rabynovich - 13.6%.
• According to nearly 16% of the polled, the next president of Ukraine will be Yulia Tymoshenko. 7,2% believe that the next president will be P.Poroshenko, 6,1% - V.Zelenskiy, 5,5% - Y.Boyko, 3,6% - O.Lyashko, 2,5% - A.Hrytsenko, 2% - V.Rabynovich and S.Vakarchuk.
• For the vast majority of the respondents (83%) it is important for the future president to actively defend the interests of their city.
• One-third of the respondents consider L.Kuchma to be the best president of Ukraine, L.Kravchuk - 13%, V.Yanukovych – every tenth, V.Yushchenko and P.Poroshenko - 5% each. 28% did not want to choose any of them.
• Party rating is headed by Batkyvshchyna: about 20% of those who intend to vote are ready to support this political force. The party "Sluha Narodu" of V.Zelenskiy has a support of 14.6%, Opposition bloc - 13.9%, party "Za Zhyttia" - 8.2%, Civic position of A.Hrytsenko - 7.8%, BPP Solidarnist - 6,7%, Radical party and UKROP - 5.9% and 5.6% respectively. The rating of other parties is less than 2%. The number of those who have not determined - 8.8%.
• The vast majority of the polled city residents believe that candidates who distribute unlawful material aid to voters during election campaigns should be punished severely (59%), while one-third is inclined to believe that such kind of propaganda should be allowed, almost every tenth has not determined.
• 70% of the respondents believe that things in Ukraine are going in the wrong direction, every fifth has an opposite opinion, and 9% - hesitate to estimate this issue. Relatively less pessimism is expressed referring the assessment of local affairs. 42% of the Dnipro residents believe the things in their city are going in the wrong direction, almost the same number think the opposite, 18% - are not determined.
• The activities of the mayor of Dnipro B.Filatov are approved by 65% of the respondents, disapproved – by 32%. The activities of the governor of the region V.Reznychenko are positively evaluated by 49%, negatively – by 35%. On the other hand, the attitude towards the activities of the Dnipro city council is controversial: 46% of the respondents are dissatisfied with its activities while the number of those satisfied is 43%.
• The overwhelming majority of the polled (over 70%) are not satisfied with the work of municipal services and medical institutions of the city, more than a half express negative attitude towards local educational institutions.
• Among the city's problems, an absolute majority of the respondents (about 80%) mention the cost of utilities. 42-43% are concerned about the poor state of roads and the cost of public transport, 35% - about drug abuse and alcoholism, 31% - increase of crime and low professional level of doctors. More than a quarter of the polled are concerned about the poor condition of sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, every fifth – about poor street lighting and the quality of public transport services.
• One-third of the residents of Dnipro support Ukraine’s joining NATO, while a half - opposes this idea. 16% do not intend to vote or have not decided on their attitude. In the question of joining the European Union, 45% of the respondents are inclined to support this idea, while more than one-third – stand against, 18% - will not vote or have not decided. The younger the respondents, the more they support the idea of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The support of these unions is also the highest among the voters of Civic Position and BPP Solidarnist.
• With regard to the choice of the integration vector, the majority of the respondents (39%) believe that it is better to keep the equilibrium between the EU and Russia without joining any unions, a somewhat lower number (34%) favor EU membership, 16% - the Customs Union, every tenth – has not determined on this matter.
• In the context of the language issue, almost a half of the Dnipro residents believe that the Ukrainian language should be the only state language while Russian freely used in all spheres of life. According to 29%, Russian must gain state status throughout Ukraine on an equal basis with Ukrainian. Every fifth believes that Ukrainian should be state language but at the same time granting Russian with the official status in certain regions.
• 46% of the respondents do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, almost the same number (44%) - still regret the Soviet times, every fifth - could not answer.
• Among the options of solving the problem in the Donbas, the highest support was given to such scenarios as the cessation of hostilities and the recognition of territories temporarily occupied, the freezing of the conflict (35%) and granting these territories with independence, federal status of the region but remaining as the part of Ukraine (33%). Every tenth respondent chose an option to continue military operations until the full restoration of Ukrainian power throughout the entire Donbas, 7% - support the separation of these territories from Ukraine, 14% - have not determined.
• Two-thirds of the respondents in Dnipro consider Russia as an aggressor country in relation to Ukraine, a quarter have an opposing view, and 8% hesitate to answer.
• A half of the polled believe that Ukraine should limit (partially or substantially) or completely stop economic relations with Russia. At the same time, a quarter of the polled advocate not to reduce these relations, 14% - advocate their significant expansion, every tenth – has not determined. The preservation or expansion of economic relations with Russia are the most likely to be supported by the voters of Opposition Bloc and Za Zhyttia, as well as by older respondents.
Respondents: residents of Dnipro aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 1000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 3,1%. Period of the survey: 29 June -10 July 2018

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