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Общественно-политические настроения во Львовской области

Social and political mood in Lviv region

Date posted: 05.07.2016 Print Full version

According to a study conducted by the Sociological group "Rating" N.Savchenko, A.Sadovy and M.Saakashvili have a high level of trust in Lviv region.

Over 40% of respondents support the re-election of the Verkhovna Rada and the appointment of the new election of the President, the same - do not support this initiative, 15% - undecided.
According to 30% of respondents blame the city authorities of Lviv in tragedy  in Grybovychy, 23% blamed the regional authorities of Lviv region, 16% - the central authorities of Ukraine, 4% - rural power of Grybovychy, 14% - another, 15% - are undecided.
90% of respondents consider the construction of a waste processing plant as a solution of rubbish dump problem in Lviv, 3% - refitment the dump in Grybovychy, 1% - support the opening of a new dump near Lviv, 5% - undecided.
Audience: population of Lviv region 18 years and older. Sample size: 1200 respondents. Personal interview (face-to-face). Error: no more than 2.8%. Dates of study: 10-20 June 2016

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