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Жизнь в Киеве: оценки жителей города

Life in Kiev: assessments of the residents

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 • According to the results of the research carried out by the Sociological Group “Rating”, a half of Kyiv residents believe that things in the city are moving in the wrong direction, 33% - have the opposite opinion, 17% - have not decided on the matter. The most optimistic assessments were recorded among young people under 35 years old and those with higher income, and the worst - among the elderly and the poorest respondents.

45% of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the city mayor V.Klytchko, 40% - have the opposite opinion. 22% are satisfied with the city council’s activities, 63% - dissatisfied.
32% are satisfied with the activities of the educational institutions, 46% - dissatisfied; 22% are satisfied with the medical institutions, 68% - dissatisfied; housing and communal services - 22% and 74% respectively.
Among the most significant problems, Kyiv residents believe to be: military conflict in the East of Ukraine (53%) and growth of tariffs for utilities (51%). 28% believe low level of salaries and pensions to be a personal problem, corruption in the central government - 20%, increase of crime, growth of prices for basic goods, lack of work, inability to receive a high-quality medical care, corruption in the courts, police, and prosecutors’ offices - 12 to 15%. Other problems bother less than 10% of the polled. Over the last year, there has been a decrease in the number of those who are concerned by the growth of tariffs and prices, low salaries or pensions, and inability to receive a high-quality medical care. On the other hand, there has been an increase in the number of those who consider the war on the East, increase of crime, and corruption in the courts, police, and prosecutor's offices to be their problems.
Among the most significant problems of the city, Kiev residents mention the cost of housing and communal services (57%). Drug addiction and alcoholism bother 35% of the polled, public transportation costs - 32%, poor road conditions - 30%, increase of crime and traffic jams - 22%, illegal buildings, low professional level of doctors, homeless animals on the streets, poor condition of houses, small number of places in kindergartens, poor condition of sidewalks - 10% to 17% of the polled. Other problems of the city disturb less than 10% of Kyiv citizens.
55% of the respondents believe that the situation with crime in the city has worsened over the last year, 25% - think that it has not changed, and only 7% state an improvement. The number of those who believe the situation in this area had worsened has slightly decreased over the year.
Two-thirds of the polled do not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, 24% - have the opposite opinion. The highest number of those who experience nostalgia for the Soviet Union was recorded among the older generation and the poorest.
Over the last year, the general attitude towards renaming of the streets in Kyiv within the framework of de-communization has improved somewhat, while 65% of the respondents still believe that it is not necessary to rename streets named to honor Soviet figures; 22% believe it is worth to rename only those streets related to the individuals who committed crimes against the Ukrainian people, 9% stand for complete renaming of the streets bearing the names associated with Soviet history.
40% of the polled Kyiv residents do not mind changing their place of residence to one of the cities of the European Union, 55% - do not have such a desire. 18% expressed the desire to change the place of residence from Kiev to one of the cities of Ukraine. Only 7% are ready to move from Kyiv to the Russian cities. 
62% of Kyiv residents do not want to go abroad for permanent residence, 35% - do not mind such an idea. The highest number of those willing to go out was recorded among the youth and the richest people (more than 40%). Instead, 43% would like to go to work in other countries, 55% do not have such intentions. Again, the youngest and those with the highest income express the desire to work or get a job abroad more often as compared to others.
84% of Kyiv residents are proud of their city. Only 12% expressed the opposite views. The main reason for pride is the history of Kiev (65%). The attractiveness of nature and the cultural life of the city were noted as the reasons of pride by 41-42% of Kyiv citizens, opportunities for self-realization - 30%. International status, education, and science, sports life, good living conditions are reasons for pride for 13-18% of the capital's inhabitants. Instead, only 10% are proud of the economic development. Only 9% believe that Kyiv has nothing to be proud of. Interestingly, the indigenous residents of Kiev chose the history and nature of the city as the reasons for pride more often than others. Instead, those who have recently moved to Kyiv often mention that they are proud of the city because of its cultural life, opportunities for realization, international status, level of education and science, sports life.
Among the opportunities of the city, leisure opportunities are the most appreciated by Kyiv residents. Somewhat worse, but still at the high level - opportunities for sports, the realization of cultural and educational needs, and self-realization. Opportunities for earning were evaluated relatively worse - 42% are satisfied with them, 29% - dissatisfied, and one-third provided average rates. 
46% of Kiev residents are celebrating the Day of Kyiv this year, 49% - do not have such a desire. The number of those who expressed their desire to participate in festive events is somewhat higher among older respondents and those who are proud of the city.
Audience: residents of Kyiv aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 1200 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2.8%. Period of the survey: 16-23 May 2018

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