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Электоральные настроения населения: октябрь 2015

Electoral moods in Ukraine: October 2015

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According to a survey conducted by sociological group "Rating"if presidential elections in Ukraine took place in October, 26% of voters who have decided on the choice, would support P.Poroshenko, 16% - Y.Tymoshenko, 12% - Y. Boiko, 9% - A.Sadovyi, 7% - O.Lyashko, 6% - A.Hrytsenko, 4% - D.Yarosh and O.Tyagnibok. The rest of the voters would support the other candidates.

If elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took place in October, 20% of voters who have decided on the choice, would support unit BPP "Solidarnist", 15% - Batkivshchyna, 14% - Opposition bloc, 10% - Samopomich, about 6% - Radical Party. In addition, significant chances of getting into the parliament have Svoboda (5%), Civil position (4%), UKROP (4%), Pravyi sector (4%), Vidrodzhennya (3%) and NASH KRAY (3%).

Recent electoral trends indicate the increasing of total support the opposition parties  to the current government.
28% of respondents believe that it is better to suffer from financial difficulties for saving order in the country, while the majority (53%) - believe that it is better to go out to protest in the case of a significant deterioration in living conditions. Characteristically, these figures almost match with those that were recorded in December 2013 (29 and 50% accordingly).

Over the past six months, the level of support for the idea of the dissolution of parliament and calling of the new elections of Verkhovna Rada has increased from 34 to 47%, the idea of new presidential elections - from 31 to 43%.

Audience: Ukrainian population 18 years and over. The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Sample: 3000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). Inaccuracy no more than 1,8%. The period of completion: 3-12 of October 2015

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