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Электоральные настроения населения: июль 2014

Electoral moods of the population: July 2014

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According to a study conducted by the sociological group "Rating" if parliamentary elections Ukraine took place at the beginning of July, 2014, about 60% of voters will take part. The highest of mobilization is fixed in Galychyna, Kiev, Center and in West (about 80%). The lowest - in the Donbas (27%) and South (37%).

If elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took place in early July 2014, it would be won by the party of "Solidarity". Thus, 23% of respondents (including those who would participate in the elections) would vote for Solidarity, 13% - for Radical Party, 11% - for Batkivshchyna, 7% - for UDAR, 5% - for Hromadyanska pozytsiya. About 4% of voters ready to vote for Svoboda and CPU. About 3% would be gained by Sylna Ukraina, Party of Regions and Front zmin. Party of O.Bohomolets would gain slightly less than 2%, Pravyy sector and Samopomich - about 1%. About another 4% of voters would support other parties, undecided - 16%.

Slightly more than a third of respondents (38%) are completely sure of the choice of the party for which they are going to vote. A third of respondents (32%) assume that can change the choice, and nearly as many (30%) - not sure of their choice or undecided on this issue.

The vast majority of respondents believe that in the new parliament there have to be less MPs than now. So, 84% of respondents consider optimum number of MPs 300-350. Only 4% - believe that MPs should be 450 as now. Another 12% are undecided on this issue.

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