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Электоральные настроения населения: июнь 2015

Electoral moods of population: June 2015

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According to a survey conducted by Sociological group "Rating" if parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, no more than 60% of the respondents would participate, including only 28% who definitely would take part in the vote.
Despite a slight decrease in ratings in the past few months, Block Poroshenko "Solidarity" remains the leader of sympathy, for which would vote 16% of those who intend to vote. For "SAMOPOMICH", Opposition Bloc and Batkivshchyna would vote 10% of respondents. About 6% support the Radical Party and Civil position, about 5% - Pravyy Sektor, about 4% - Svobodu, about 3% - Narodnyy Front and the Communist Party. 7% would vote for other parties, and one in five - are not defined.
As of early June, the demographic portrait of parties voters is:
  • Men are more supportive for Svoboda, Pravyy Sektor and Narodnyy Front. Women are more sympathetic to the Radical Party, the Communist Party, "SAMOPOMICH", BPP "Solidarity". The highest proportion of women is in the electorate of Batkivshchyna.
  • Voters with lower incomes are more favorable to the Communist Party, Batkivshchyna, Radical Party and Opposition Bloc. Middle-income voters choose Narodnyy Front, "SAMOPOMICH" and BPP "Solidarity". But «SAMOPOMICH», Svoboda, Pravyy Sektor support people with higher incomes.
  • The basis of electorate of Pravyy Sektor, "SAMOPOMICH", Narodnyy Front is composed of young people and middle age people. Also, a significant percentage of young people among the supporters of the Radical Party and BPP "Solidarity". Older votrs support Opposition Bloc and Batkivshchynu, Civil position and Communist Party have the oldest voters.
  • Voters with low levels of education are more supportive of Communist Party, Radical Party and Batkivshchyna. Respondents with higher and secondary special education account for the major share of supporters "SAMOPOMICH", Pravyy Sektor, Narodnyy Front.
If presidential elections were held next Sunday, the fourth of the respondents who intend to vote, would vote for P.Poroshenko, 10% - for Y.Tymoshenko, 7% - A.Sadoviy. For A.Gritsenko and Y.Boyko would vote for 6%, for O.Lyashko - 5%, D. Yarosh - 4%. Approximately 2% would vote for O.Tyagnibok, S.Tigipko and A.Yatsenyuk. For other candidates would vote one in ten, one in five - are not defined.
Audience: Ukrainian population 18 years and over. The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). Inaccuracy no more than 2,4%. The period of completion: 3-13 of June 2015

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