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Электоральные настроения населения: октябрь 2014

Electoral moods of population: October 2014

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According to the survey conducted by Sociological group "Rating", if parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, 35% of respondents would definitely take part in them, 40% - rather would take part. Estimated turnout compared to June and July decreased from 59 to 55%.

The highest level of mobilization is recorded in all regions except the Donbas and the South. In areas of Donbass controlled by Ukrainian authorities, only 13% definitely intend to vote in parliamentary elections.

If elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were held on next Sunday, bloc of P.Poroshenko would win with support 33.5% of respondents who intend to vote and decided. 12.8% of voters would support the Radical Party O. Lyashko, 8.9% - People's Front, 7.8% - Strong Ukraine, 6.9% - Batkivshchyna. 5.4% would vote for the Samopomich, 5.1% - Opposition Bloc, 4.6% - Civil position, 4.5% - CPU, almost 4% - Svoboda.

34% of respondents are fully sure of own choice of political authority, 36% - quite sure, but they can change it, 15% - hesitating in their choice

For 31% of respondents in choosing the party will matter who is the leader of the party, 29% - those who included in the list of the party, another 27% indicated the importance of party ideology.

Most respondents (55%) believe that the parliamentary elections in October will likely competition of leaders, half (22%) - a competition between ideas.

More than half of respondents (55%) believe that the party which they would vote for, firstly should focus on the economic area, 29% - in the military, defense, another 6% - on humanitarian, ideological block.

Audience: Ukrainian population 18 years and over. The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). Inaccuracy no more than 2.2%. The period of completion: 1-8 of October 2014

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