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Идеологические маркеры: настроения относительно возможных референдумов

Ideological markers: attitudes towards possible referendums

Date posted: 22.04.2014 Print Full version

The majority of Ukrainians is for the only one state language, the European choice and unitary character of the state, however against the accession to NATO.

If in the near future referendum was held on the issues of Ukraine’s development , in particular the status of Ukrainian and Russian languages, the possibility of federalization of Ukraine , the possibility of integration of Ukraine into the EU, the Customs Union , NATO membership, then it definitely or rather yes would participate 82,7% of voters (57,5% - definitely, 25,2% – rather yes).

If to consider the number of those who are willing to take part in the referendum , the hypothetical result of will expression would be such:  71,4 % would vote for the unitary state (17,1% – against ), 59,5 % would vote for Ukrainian as the only one state language (36,5% – against), 59,2% would support joining the EU (23,9% – the entry into the Customs Union), but only 39,5% would have approved Ukraine's accession to NATO (45,9% – against).

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