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Общественно-политические ожидания граждан: апрель 2014

Socio-political expectations: April 2014

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According to results of research conducted by Sociological group "RATING, the majority of respondents said that first of all it is necessary to carry out reforms on fight against corruption (63%) and in economy (61%).

According to 42% of respondents the reforms also need the army and defense and ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine (33%). 35% of respondents expect reforms in health care, 30% - in the social protection of the population, 28 % - in industry, 25% - in agriculture, 21% - in the police.

Among the main criteria by which lustration in Ukraine has to be carried out, more than a half of respondents (54%) called participation in corruption schemes (54%). Much less (10%) noted that participation of the person in political corruption, change of political orientation, 7% - participation in a certain ideology which, in their opinion, can harm to the country, 6% - participation in human rights violation during recent protest actions has to be the main criterion of lustration. At the same time 10% of respondents spoke against carrying out lustration because it destabilizes a situation in the country even more. 12% - could not decide.

The majority of respondents (64%) support the idea of creation the coalition government which representatives of all leading political forces from all regions of the country. 12% - don't support this idea. A quarter weren’t defined.

About 40% of respondents clearly support the arrival of new leaders to politics, including by participation in elections to Verkhovna Rada and the President.  A third more is rather for, than against.  Thus respondents support possible participation of new leaders in parliamentary elections slightly more, than in the presidential.  Only about 10% of respondents don't support idea.  Every sixth didn't decide on the relation to this question.

The major criterion at the choice of the candidate for whom will vote on elections, a half of respondents (51%) noted spotless corruption reputation. 40% of voters placed emphasis on personal qualities of the politician, 31% - on the political program of the candidate, 28% - on existence of an unchangeable, consecutive political position.

38% of Ukrainians consider that the Agreement on association with EU and a free trade zone has to be signed as soon as possible. Most of all supporters of immediate signing of the agreement is in the West (70%). 21% of respondents see the advisability of signing an association agreement with the EU, when Ukraine will be ready for it . At the same time , 31% of respondents do not support the signing of the Agreement with the EU.

The speedy application for NATO membership expressed 28% of respondents. 14% believe that the application for NATO membership should be submitted but when society will reach a compromise . At the same time, 44 % of respondents do not support Ukraine's membership in NATO.

As for the Customs Union, the fastest introduction is supported by 15% of the population of Ukraine. The fact that the Customs Union is necessary to enter, but when the society is achieved compromise announced another 16% of respondents. At the same time the majority (55%) do not support Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union.

The research was conducted by Sociological group "Rating" by request of The International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS).

Research audience:  the population of Ukraine aged from 18 years and older. Sample: 2000 respondents. Research method:  the personal formalized interview according to a questionnaire (face to face). The error of a representativeness of research (with probability 0,95) makes no more than 2,2%. Dates of research: 21-29 March 2014

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