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Оценка ситуации на Востоке. Внешнеполитические ориентации населения

Assessment of the situation in the East. Foreign policy orientations of the population

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According to results of the poll of Sociological group "Rating", 36% of respondents consider that it is necessary to cancel a truce and to finish ATO to the full restoration of the Ukrainian authorities across Donbass, 21% support granting large economic and humanitarian powers of the region, another 17% – for granting to these territories independence, a federal status of the territory, but to leave it as a part of Ukraine, another 9% – for separation of these territories from Ukraine. Undecided – 17%.
43% of respondents are positive to signing of a truce with representatives of so–called DNR and LNR, as much (44%) – is negative. Undecided –13%.
At the same time, most of respondents (71%) don't support the idea of separating the areas that control DNR and LNR from Ukraine, at the same time one in five supports the secession, every tenth – undecided.
The vast majority (74%) believe that Ukraine should be a unitary state, 15% – federal, undecided – 11%.
64% of respondents support the entry of Ukraine into the EU, 17% – in the Customs Union, 19% – undecided.
Since April, 2014 the increase in supporters of the accession to the EU is observed (from 55 in April to 64%) at simultaneous reduction of supporters of CU (from 24 in April to 17%).
Nearly a half of respondents (48%) support the initiative of cancellation at the legislative level the neutral status of Ukraine, about a third (28%) – against it.  Another quarter – undecided.
If today the referendum about the entry of Ukraine into NATO was held, a half of respondents (51%) would vote for the accession, 25% – against. Another quarter – undecided or would not take part in this referendum.
Since April of this year the number of supporters of the accession to NATO constantly increases. In November the greatest level of its support is recorded (40 in April to 51%) at simultaneous reduction the opponents of the accession (from 46 in April to 25%).
The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older.The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Optional quantity: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face to face). Margin of error is less than 2.8%. The period of completion: 6-13 of November 2014

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