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Оценка условий труда украинцев

Employment and Working Conditions of the Ukrainian Working-age Population

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 According to the research carried out by the Sociological Group "Rating" in December 2016, 60% of the respondents were employed, 40% - unemployed. Among the unemployed, one-third (32%) – pensioners, 27% – housekeeping and childcare, 13% – students, 21% – unemployed and looking for work, 6% - unemployed and not looking for work.

When analyzing their working conditions, the majority of the employed respondents mentioned, on the one hand, an absence of vibration, noise, air pollution, minor physical effort, and on the other, comfortable lighting and temperature. Along with that, almost half reported intense nervous tension. In the East and Center of the country, these indicators were higher. 
The majority considered their relationships with management and colleagues to be friendly and comfortable. Relationships with management tended to be tenser among the lowest income group of the population. 
88% of the respondents were hired workers, 12% – self-employed (businessmen, family business etc.). Higher rate of self-employment was recorded among married individuals, the middle-aged group, and respondents with high income. 
The majority (89%) of the respondents worked full time, 11% – part time. 30% of the respondents worked with shifts, 70% – with no shifts. 22% worked at night, 78% – did not work at night. Twice as many males worked at night compared to females. 
Almost half (47%) of the respondents stated that their reward at work depended on their efforts and productivity, almost the same number (46%) – did not. 
12% of the respondents had additional employment, 88% – did not. 
17% of the respondents had subordinates while 83% – did not.
39% worked overtime, almost two-thirds of them (62%) – for additional payment, 38% – without additional payment. The higher the income, the higher the number of those who worked overtime for additional payment. In general, more males tended to work overtime for additional payment than females. 
Half (52%) of the respondents considered that they had reached a balance between professional and private life, 37% reported lack of time for private life, 4% – lack of time for professional growth.
Respondents: the working-age population of Ukraine – males aged 18-65, females aged 18-60. The sample is split up into various categories: age, gender, region, and place of residence. Total: 1580 respondents. Face-to-face formalized interviews. The margin of error does not exceed 2.5%. Period of the survey: 1-10 December 2016

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