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Отношение к идее объедененного чемпионата по футболу


Date posted: 27.08.2013 Print Full version

According to results of the last research, conducted by Sociological group "Rating",  nearly 40% of respondents consider themselves as football fans.

Dynamo (39%) and Shakhtar (25%) are the most popular among the Ukrainian football clubs. Metalist (6%), Dnipro (3%), Karpaty (3%) and Chornomorets (3%) are less popular.

Dynamo is more supported in the north, in the center and in the west of the country. Shakhtar is almost an individual favorite in Donbass, but it shares superiority with Dynamo in the south. The most popular club in the east is Metalist, which takes the lead over Shakhtar, Dnipro and Dynamo.

45% of Ukrainian football fans don't support the idea about consolidation of Ukrainian and Russian football championships, at the same time 37% of respondents support the idea and 17% of respondents found it difficult to decide.

Among those who aren’t interested in football, only 11% of them support the idea, and a quarter doesn’t support it. Two thirds of them found it difficult to decide.

Most of all the idea is pleasant to fans in the south. In other regions the opponents are in advantage. Only fans of Chornomorets and Metalist have more positive than negative attitude towards the idea. The opinions are shared almost equally among the fans of Shakhtar and Dnipro. At the same time the fans of Dynamo mainly didn't support the idea, not to mention the fans of Karpaty among which nearly 90% of respondents were opposed to idea.

The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older. Optional quantity: 2000 respondents. The methods of investigation: personal formalized interview according to the questionnaire (face to face). Margin of error for the values close to 50% is less than 2.2%, for the values close to 30% – less than 2.0%, for the values close to 10% – less than 1.3%. The period of completion: 9-18 of August 2013

The oblast’ distribution:
West: Volyns’ka, Transcarpathia, Ivano–Frankivs’ka, L’vivs’ka, Rivnens’ka, Ternopil’s’ka, Chernivets’ka.
Centre: Vinnyts’ka, Kirovograds’ka, Poltavs’ka, Khmel’nyts’ka, Cherkas’ka.
North: Kyiv, Kyivs’ka, Zhytomyrs’ka, Sums’ka, Chernihivs’ka.
South: AR Crimea, Odes’ka, Khersons’ka, Mykolaivs’ka, Sevastopol
East: Dnipropetrovs’ka, Zaporiz’ka, Kharkivs’ka.
Donbass: Donets’ka, Luhans’ka

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