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Отношения государства и бизнеса

Relations between the state and business

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According to results of the research conducted by the sociological group "Rating", 37% of the respondents think that the representatives of the large business should not be present in Parliament under any circumstances, another 33% believe that they may be present in Parliament, if they will sell their business. Don't see anything bad that representatives of large business can be present at parliament - 18%, undecided - 12%.

The majority of respondents (58%) believe that the party should conduct the campaign to Parliament funded with income and savings of party leaders, 24% - with contributions from voters to the party pre-election fund, another 22% - from the expense of big business sponsors, 9 % - at the expense of public funds, another - 3%, undecided to answer - 12%.

On a question what the state have to do to with the large enterprises which belong to oligarchs, 45% supported carrying out the objective investigation and return to the state only illegally received enterprises, 36% - for the nationalizing all the large enterprises that belong to oligarchs, 11% agree to give the chance to pay in addition for illegally received objects, but to leave them in property of oligarchs, only 2% - for to do nothing. Didn't decide on the answer - 6%.

According to the majority of respondents, both for officials and the representatives of big business which the court finds guilty of embezzling state property, it is necessary to provide the maximum term of imprisonment. This punishment for officials supports 68% and for representatives of big business - 62%. Provide at least the minimum sentence for officials support 12%? for the representatives of big business - 15%, almost the same number of supporters of the suspended sentence, but with disqualification to hold public office (8% and 9% respectively), 1% - for non-use of any punishment, almost 5% - have not decided to answer.

To be engaged in own business would like 30% of respondents, 55% wouldn't like it, only 3% said that they already have their own business, 12% - are undecided on this issue.

The idea of ​​free sale of agricultural land, the majority of respondents (74%) oppose it, 13% - positive about this idea, 12% - are undecided.

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