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Поддержка деятельности государственных институтов и электоральные ориентации граждан

Supporting the activities of state institutions and electoral orientations of Ukrainian citizens

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21.1% of respondents expressed their full support of the Acting President A. Turchynov, 32.8% support some his actions, 38.5% don’t support his actions.

Activities of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk fully support 30.8% of the respondents, 28.0%  - support some his actions,  don’t support - 35.5%.

Activities of the Government of Ukraine fully supports 20.6% of the respondents, 33.9%  -  support the separate  actions, don’t support - 36.8%.

Activities of the Verkhovna Rada fully support 15.6% of the respondents, 38.7%  - support the separate  actions, don’t support - 38.0%.

If elections were held in the next few days 28,2% of all respondents are going to vote for P.Poroshenko. For Y.Tymoshenko are going to give voice 13,0%, for S.Tihipko - 6,1%, for O.Bohomolets - 3,7%, for O.Lyashko - 3,7%, for M.Dobkin - 3,6%, for P.Symonenko - 3,2%, for A.Gritsenko – 3,0%, for O.Tyagnibok - 1,6%, for D.Yarosh - 1,2%, for R.Kuzmin - 0,2%, for V.Rabinovich - 0,1%.

The survey was conducted by the Razumkov Center and Sociological Group "Rating" from March 28 to April 2, 2014. There were interviewed 3011 respondents aged from 18 years in all regions of Ukraine and Kiev (except Crimea) on a sample representing the adult population by the main socio-demographic indicators. Survey sample was constructed as a multi-stage, random selection of respondents with quota in the last stage. Theoretical sampling error (excluding design effect) does not exceed 1.9%.

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