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Рейтинг угроз: июль 2012

Threats rating: July 2012

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According to the research conducted in July 2012, the top five threats to the country are: the growth of unemployment (mentioned by 44% of respondents), the economic decline of the country (41%), arbitrary government (25%) degradation of the population (20%) and deterioration of medical provision (20%).

Next in the threats rating are: environmental disasters (17%) the growth of crime (16%), depreciation of hryvnia (15%), the split in the country (13%), possible loss of Independence (11%) and mass migration of Ukrainians abroad (10%).

Less than 10% of respondents believe that Ukraine faces such threats as deterioration of education, demographic crisis, anti-constitutional upheaval, the threat of civil war, loss of control over the Ukrainian GTS. About 3% believe that Ukraine faces the military threat from Russia and terrorism, 1% are afraid of military threat from the West.

Only 3% of Ukrainian respondents do not feel any of the mentioned threats.




  •     The reduction of citizens’ concerns regarding economic threats is recorded.
  •     Thus, as compared to a previous research (March 2011) among Ukrainian citizens, the threat of the economic decline has decreased significantly (from 53 to 41%). The trend is inherent in all regions.
  •     Concerns about the growth of crime have also somewhat decreased (from 47 to 44%), although in the Centre and in Donbas the feeling of threat has, on the contrary, increased; also everywhere except the West, the threat of depreciation of hryvnia has decreased (from 23 to 15%).
  •     Instead, the feeling of threat of deterioration of medical provision has increased (from 15 to 20%), especially in the Center, in the South and in Donbas. People’s concerns regarding environmental disasters have also increased (from 13 to 17%), as well as the growth of crime (from 13 to 16%), arbitrary government (from 23 to 25%) and degradation of the population (from 18 to 20%).
  •     In over a year, citizens’ concerns regarding the split in the country have increased by almost 1.5 times (from 9 to 13%), both in the West (from 8 to 18%) and in the East (from 5 to 13%) of the country; among both supporters of the United Opposition (16%) and supporters of the CPU (16%). Concerns regarding possible loss of Ukraine’s Independence have also slightly increased (from 9 to 11%), similarly, both in the West (from 21 to 28%) and in the East (from 4 to 9%). At the same time, the feeling of threat of civil war has decreased and the fear of the anti-constitutional upheaval has grown.
  •     Supporters of the party "Ukraine – Forward!" and the "undecided" group fear the growth of unemployment more than others, supporters of Batkivshchyna and the Communist Party fear the economic decline. Arbitrary government is feared by supporters of Batkivshchyna and Freedom, degradation of population – by supporters of Freedom and the CPU, deterioration of medical provision - by supporters of the Party of Regions and the party «Ukraine – Forward!», environmental disasters – the Party of Regions, depreciation of hryvnia and mass migration of Ukrainians abroad - by supporters of UDAR, deterioration of education and demographic crisis – by supporters of the party «Ukraine – Forward!».
  •     Every third supporter of Freedom believes that Ukraine faces the threat of possible loss of Independence, every sixth - the threat of civil war and anti-constitutional upheaval, every tenth – the military threat from Russia. The threat of terrorism is mostly felt by supporters of the party "Ukraine –Forward!"
  •     Every tenth supporter of the Party of Regions believes there are no threats that face Ukraine.


The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older. Optional quantity: 2000 respondents. The methods of investigation: personal formalized interview according to the questionnaire (face to face). Measure of inaccuracy for the values close to 50% is less than 2.2%, for the values close to 30% – less than 2%, for the values close to 10% – less than 1.3. The period of completion: 14-27 of July 2012

The oblast’ distribution:

West: Volyns’ka, Transcarpathia, Ivano–Frankivs’ka, L’vivs’ka, Rivnens’ka, Ternopil’s’ka, Chernivets’ka.

Centre: Vinnyts’ka, Kirovograds’ka, Poltavs’ka, Khmel’nyts’ka, Cherkas’ka.

North: Kyiv, Kyivs’ka, Zhytomyrs’ka, Sums’ka, Chernihivs’ka.

South: AR Crimea, Odes’ka, Khersons’ka, Mykolaivs’ka, Sevastopol

East: Dnipropetrovs’ka, Zaporiz’ka, Kharkivs’ka.

Donbass: Donets’ka, Luhans’ka.

Other research: