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Социально-политические настроения: апрель 2014

The socio-political situation in Ukraine: April 2014

Date posted: 23.04.2014 Print Full version

Ukrainians now demonstrate very high level of electoral activity, about 85% of voters are ready or rather ready to take part in the expression of the will. While those who have the opposite opinion – 11%.

At the presidential election which will take place on May, 25 this year, 32,9% of the interrogated respondents are ready to support P. Poroshenko. The second position is taken by Y. Tymoshenko – 9,5% and the third S. Tihipko – 5,%. M. Dobkin in turn is supported by 4,2% of voters. 4% are ready to vote for the leader of KPU P. Symonenko. About 22% of voters say that  at the moment they don’t know whom to give the vote or won't go to elections. 9% are ready to vote "against all" candidates.

Respondents gave their assessment of other issues. 37,3% of respondents support the status of Ukrainian language as the only one state language thus Russian can be official. The official status of Russian language in some regions of Ukraine, while the state remains the only Ukrainian, support 31,7%. In turn 28,9% consider that Ukrainian and Russian languages have to be state in Ukraine.

The vast majority of Ukrainians (70,9%) support the current unitary form of state system of Ukraine. Opposite opinion which support the federal structure – 18,7%.

The majority of respondents (59,4%) would like to see friendly relations between Ukraine and Russia, with open borders without visas and customs, while remaining independent states. 30,8% of respondents consider that these relations should be like with other countries – with closed borders, visas and customs. Association of Ukraine and Russia in one state support only 4,8% of Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian NGO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine" presents the results of All-Ukrainian sociological research "Ukraine. The Presidential election - 2014, April". Sociological research carried out by forces of four sociological services:

  • Center for Social and Marketing Research "SOCIS";
  • Kiev International Institute of Sociology;
  • Sociological Group "Rating";
  • Razumkov Center.

Research audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older
Sample:  Representative, quote selection of 6200 respondents  (1550 respondents for each of the sociological centers) in all regions of Ukraine  (excluding the population of Crimea)
Research method: the personal formalized interview according to a questionnaire (face to face) in a residence of the respondent
Statistical sampling error (confidence interval): no more than 0,8%
Terms of carrying out research (field stage):  9 - 16 of April 2014

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