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Состояние украинской науки: мнение ученых

The state of Ukrainian science: opinions of scientists

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 • According to the research carried out by the Sociological Group "Rating" in September 2017 on request of the Public Association «Ukrainian Partnership Forum» among the employees of the scientific institutions in Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and Kharkiv, 64% of the respondents state that the situation in the Ukrainian science is deteriorating. 23% state the stability and only 8% mention the improvement. The worst rates for the matters were given by the Doctors of Sciences and those who have more than 20 years of scientific experience.

46% of the polled scientists noted that the state of affairs in the research institution they had been working in had deteriorated. 30% stated the stability and only 18% mentioned the improvement. In this case, the PhDs and those with a scientific experience of more than 10 years spoke more often about the deterioration.
With regard to the media covering science and innovation news, 41% stated the stability of the situation, 29% – the deterioration, and 12% – the improvement. Again, the deterioration was most often mentioned by the Doctors of Sciences and those with more than 20 years of scientific experience.
At the same time, the most optimistic estimates among the scientist refer to their own scientific development. In this case, 40% of the respondents stated the improvement, 37% – the stability, only 10% – the deterioration. 13% could not assess the state of their own affairs. Those with the highest scientific degree and the greatest work experience gave somewhat worse rates for their self-development.
47% of the respondents believe that certain scientists, inventors, and specialists are contributing the most to the development of science in Ukraine today. 35% share the same opinion about the scientific research institutions, 33% – about the higher educational institutions, 28% – about the National Academy of Sciences. 16% believe that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine contributes to the development of science, the same number thinks the same about the public associations, funds, innovation development centers, and co-working centers. Business structures and media covering science and innovations news were mentioned by 8% each, general educational institutions (schools and gymnasiums) – only 4%.
On the other hand, 74% believe that it is the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine who should contribute to the development of science in Ukraine. 65% believe that it should be the National Academy of Sciences. 37% – research institutions, 28% – higher educational institutions, 14% – business structures, 9-10% – media and public associations or centers, 6% – general educational institutions or certain scientists and inventors.
66% of the respondents consider that the state, private structures, and public initiatives need to pursue a policy of popularizing young people to receive a vocational education instead of higher education. 23% have the opposite opinion, 11% were unable to answer this question. The doctors of Sciences and those with the greatest scientific experience most often agree with this statement.
52% believe that today there is a request for the research of Ukrainian scientists and inventors from international corporations, 32% have the opposite opinion about this matter. With regard to domestic business structures, and especially state authorities, the views are quite the opposite: more than a half believes that there is no request from these structures for domestic scientific research. Instead, one-third does not agree with that. As for the media and public funds, the situation is similar to the above mentioned: a quarter believes that such a request exists, a half thinks the opposite.
60% believe that in the nearest future what Ukraine needs the most are innovations and inventions in the field of medicine. 50% report such opinion regarding energy, the same number – about agriculture, 46% – electronics, programming, and telecommunications. One-third believes that innovations are required within space and aerospace spheres, the military-industrial complex, and mechanical engineering, 22% – chemical industry, 18-19% – metallurgy, heavy industry, and transport, 10% to 12% – automotive, building and construction, light industry, and mining.
In contrast, among the fields of science which, according to the scientists, should become strategic priorities for development and innovation in Ukraine in the nearest future, the most often chosen are technical sciences (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer sciences, etc.) – 75%. A half of the respondents mentioned medical, physical, and mathematical sciences as strategic priorities. Biological, agricultural, and chemical sciences – 40% to 45%. 19% share the same point of view in terms of the military sciences; 11% to 13% – economics, public administration, and pedagogical sciences; less than 10% – psychological, political, historical, legal, philosophical, philological, and art sciences.  
Respondents: scientists of 35 scientific institutions in 5 cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv). Total sample: 1000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). Period of the survey: 4-30 September 2017. The survey conducted on request of the Public Association «Ukrainian Partnership Forum»

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