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За кого болеют украинцы на Чемпионате мира по футболу 2014

Who Ukrainians are rooting for on the World Cup 2014

Date posted: 28.06.2014 Print Full version

According to the survey of Rating Group Ukraine, World Cup 2014 is less interesting than FIFA 2010 and significantly lower than Euro 2012. Most of the fan of Brazil and Germany are the main backgrounds are favorites of the championship, while Brazil's chances of winning are rated twice as high.

Thus, one-third of the adult population monitors Mundial 2014.

56% of Ukrainian men and 13% of women follow the course of the World Cup. In 2010 World Cup was followed almost by two-thirds of men and nearly one in five women. Most of the fans are young and middle-aged people, while the higher the level of education and income of the respondents, the higher the interest to Mundial among them.

A third cheer for Brazil, 27% ​​- for Germany. 15% cheer for Holland, France - 12%, Argentina - 9%, Portugal - 8%, Belgium - 3%, Uruguay - 2% Mexico - 1%. Interestingly, a significant part of Ukrainians cheer  for a team that did not come out from group: Spain (21%), Italy (15%), Britain (13%), Portugal (8%), Russia (6%), Croatia (4% ). Very likely that after the defeat of the teams, the total interest for the Championship will be reduced.

 If on the Euro 2012 a quarter of Ukrainian fans were  rooting for Russia , then on  the World Cup in 2014 - only 6%.

The greatest chance to win, according to respondents, have a team of Brazil (23%), Germany (14%) and the Netherlands (7%). 3% of respondents think that France and Argentina can win .

By the way, in 2012 the Ukrainians accurately predicted the winner of the European Football Championship - while almost a third bet on the Spain, which in the end and won the Euro 2012.

The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older.The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Optional quantity: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face to face). Margin of error is less than 2.2%. The period of completion: 17-24 of June 2014

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