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Запрос на предпринимательство

Demand for Entrepreneurship

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•    According to the results of the research carried out by the Sociological group "Rating", the number of those who support market relations rather than planned economy has been gradually increasing in the country. The highest support for the market development is observed among the residents of the West. At the same time, in the East, despite the fact that almost every third supports the return to the planned economy, two-thirds still stand for the market. Support for the return to the planned economy is relatively higher among the older respondents, women, unemployed, people with lower incomes and lower education level.

•    Over the last five years, the demand for entrepreneurship has grown more than one and a half times. These days, almost a half of the polled would like to have their own business. The highest number of those who would like to become an entrepreneur was recorded among young respondents: almost three-quarters are willing to engage in their own business. Men, employed persons, those with higher incomes and education level are also more interested in entrepreneurship. Interestingly, among those who said that they had job, every tenth is already engaged in his/her own business.

•    Among those who would like to have their own business, the assessment of the prospects for starting own business in the nearest future has improved. These days, 22% of those who would like to engage in entrepreneurship stated a significant chance of opening a business in the nearest future (in the past surveys, the number of such respondents was no more than 6%). 41% of the respondents stated little chance to run own business, and 31% - total lack of such chance. Considering the regional context, relatively higher number of those thinking of real prospects of starting a business in the nearest future was recorded in the South and West. Also, the number of such respondents is higher among those of young and middle age, people with high income (41%) and those with higher education. The poorest, unemployed, and elderly people often state that there is no any chance to start their own business.

Audience: residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older. The sample is representative by age, gender, region, and settlement type. Total sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2,2%. Period of the survey: 2-9 June 2018

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