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ЛЬВОВ накануне ЕВРО-2012

Lviv before EURO 2012

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According to the survey conducted by the Sociological group "Rating", residents of Lviv are rather satisfied with the level of preparation of the city for the European Football Championship EURO 2012.

The readiness of Lviv residents to receive guests got the best estimates: 5% - rated it as "excellent", 47% - "good", other 28% - "satisfactory". Only 8% of Lviv residents estimated their readiness to receive guests as "unsatisfactory".

Lviv residents rated the quality of public catering as follows: 5% - as "excellent", 36% - "good", 25% - "satisfactory", 11% - "poor". The comfortableness of "Arena Lviv" stadium: 8% - as "excellent", 32% - "good" 24% - "satisfactory", 8% - "poor". The readiness of public authorities (police, customs, hospitals, etc.): 3% - as "excellent", 29% - "good", 32% - "satisfactory", 16% - "poor". The comfortableness of living conditions for tourists in the city was rated as "excellent" by 3%, "good" – by 31%, "satisfactory" – by 29%, "poor" – by 13%.

The transportation service (41% - "poor") and the condition of roads (37% - "unsatisfactory") received the most negative estimates. In turn, 2% estimated preparation of the transport sector as "excellent", 20% - "good", 32% - "satisfactory". The condition of roads was estimated as "excellent" by 2%, 20% - "good", 38% - "satisfactory".

Residents of Frankivsk district assess preparedness of Lviv residents for the reception of guests, the quality of public catering, living conditions and the stadium better than others. At the same time, residents of Galitsky district and Sykhiv are the least satisfied with the transportation service, while residents of Zaliznychny are the most satisfied with it. In Galitsky district people are also the least satisfied with the condition of roads, in Zaliznychny district – the most satisfied.

Young people are the most satisfied with the preparation of the city for the Championship, middle-aged people are less satisfied, pensioners - even less so. Of course men are more satisfied with the stadium.

Respondents, who are satisfied with the work of city authorities, speak about the readiness of the city to host EURO 2012 much better. Instead, the assessment of the work of local authorities is not crucial for estimates of the city preparation: despite their sympathy for the mayor, in general city residents express positive estimates as to preparedness of their native city for the Championship.

59% of Lviv residents will cheer for Ukraine in EURO 2012. Given the fact that one third of local residents simply do not care for football, the national team in EURO 2012 will be supported by virtually every football fan in Lviv.

The majority of fans of the Ukrainian team are in Lychakivsky (67%) and Galitsky districts (64%), slightly less in Sykhivsky and Shevchenkivsky districts (59%), even less in Frankivsky (57%) and Zaliznychny districts (53%).

The second place in sympathies of Lviv residents goes to Germany (12%), then - England (9%), Spain (9%), Italy (7%), Poland (6%), Holland and Portugal (4%) France (3%) and Russia (2%).

Germany will be mostly cheered for in Sykhiv (20%) and the least cheered for in Lychakivsky district (7%). Spain and England will be mostly cheered for in Sykhivsky and Frankivsky districts.

 Only 11% of all respondents believe in the victory of Ukraine. Most of all respondents believe in the victory of Germany (21%), Spain (15%) and England (12%). Fewer residents of Lviv believe in the victory of Italy (7%), Holland (5%), France (4%), Portugal (3%) and Poland (1%).

The majority of those who believe in the victory of the Ukrainian team are in Shevchenkivsky district (16%), the minority - in Galitsky district (6%). At the same time, people here believe in the victory of the German national team more than others (27%). The victory of Spain is mostly believed in Sykhivsky (18%) and in Galitsky districts (17%), the victory of England - in Sykhivsky and Zaliznychny districts - 14% in each.

In terms of age young people cheer for Ukraine most of all (69%), although they believe in the victory of Germany and Spain more.

Thus, among those who cheer for "blue-yellows", only 19% believe in their victory in the Championship. Leaders of forecasts among Ukrainian supporters are Germany (31%) and Spain (23%).

Among those who cheer for Germany 2/3 are fully convinced of its victory in EURO 2012, while every fourth still believes that Spain can win the cup and every fifth prophesies it to England. Among English fans only a half believes in its victory, the biggest competitor is considered to be Germany (37%). Instead, supporters of Spain are 100% sure of its victory.

The target audience of the research: the population of Lviv aged from 18 and older. Optional quantity: 2200 respondents. The methods of investigation: personal formalized interview according to the questionnaire (face to face). Measure of inaccuracy for the values close to 50% is less than 2.1%, for the values close to 30% – less than 1.8%, for the values close to 10% – less than 1.3%. The period of completion: 16-26 of May 2012

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