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Мониторинг местных выборов 2020 Александрия

Monitoring of local elections 2020: Oleksandria

Date posted: 01.10.2020 Print Full version

•    Results of the survey carried out by the Sociological Group Rating on September 26-28, 2020 among the residents of Oleksandria revealed that the state of local things is assessed much better as compared to the overall situation in the country. Thus, only 15% believe the country is heading in the right direction, 74% share the opposing opinion. On the other hand, 46% of the city residents believe the things are heading in the right direction in their city, 43% share the opposing opinion.

•    64% of respondents demand changes in the city (40% - gradual, 24% - fast). 32% stand for stability.

•    45% expect improvement after the October 25 local elections. 37% are convinced that nothing will change, only 3% expect deterioration.

•    74% said they would definitely vote in the local elections, 12% were unsure on the issue (50/50); 3% - likely to vote, and 10% - unlikely to vote. Relatively higher level of pre-election mobilization was observed among the older population.

•    Serhiy Kuzmenko is the leader among the mayoral candidates: 58.5% of those who intend to vote and have decided on the choice would have supported him. 38.2% are ready to support Stepan Tsapyuk, 1.6% - Volodymyr Trofymenko. About 9% of respondents have not decided on the choice.

Audience: residents of Oleksandria aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 800 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 3.5%. Period of the survey: 26-28 September, 2020

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