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Общественно-политические настроения жителей Тернополя (13-16 апреля)

Socio-political moods of Ternopil residents

Date posted: 21.04.2020 Print Full version

•    According to the survey carried out by the Sociological Group “Rating” on April 13-16, 2020, among the residents of Ternopil, 49% of the polled perceive the coronavirus as a real threat to themselves and their families, 45% oppose this opinion.

•    55% indicated that they had a job prior to quarantine. Among them, 21% indicated that they continued to work as usual after restrictions were imposed. 17% work remotely, 15% are on the unpaid leave, and only 2% have lost their jobs.

•    Despite quarantine, 13% of respondents said they left the house several times a day, 30% - once a day. At the same time, 48% said they only went out once every few days; 8% generally try not to go out. Women and elderly people mentioned the high level of restrictions on leaving home more often.

•    69% indicated that they had enough protective masks, 27% had but not enough, 4% had none at all. Among those who have enough masks, the vast majority wears them often when going out (nearly 90%).

•    97% support the requirement to wear a compulsory mask in public. 74% do not object to the restrictions on visiting the parks, forests, and coastal zones during quarantine (21% - oppose). The number of the latter is higher among younger respondents and men.

•    67% of the polled think the measures taken by the authorities to combat coronavirus are optimal. 20% think they are too soft. Only 7% are convinced that these measures are too severe.

•    51% of the respondents believe President Zelensky's reaction to the threat of the coronavirus spread in Ukraine is effective, 27% share opposing opinion. With regard to the Ministry of Health, 45% found the department's actions efficient, 33% - inefficient, 22% failed to respond. As for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 44% consider the actions of this institution effective, 30% - ineffective, 26% - could not answer. With regard to the efficiency of Prime Minister D.Shmigal's actions, 43% of the polled found it difficult to answer this question. 33% assessed them as efficient, 25% - inefficient.

•    The actions of Ternopil Mayor S.Nadal regarding the response to the coronavirus threat are considered effective by 78% of respondents; only 10% share the opposing opinion. Regarding medical institutions of the city, 48% think their activities are effective, 16% - ineffective, 36% - failed to respond. Half of the polled failed to assess the effectiveness of the performance of the head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration V.Trush with regard to combating the coronavirus threat. 32% think his performance is efficient, 19% inefficient.

•    The leaders of electoral preferences in the elections to the city council are “Svoboda” (22.9% of those who have decided and intend to participate in the elections are ready to support this force), “European Solidarity” (21.7%), and “Sluha Narodu” (21.3%). 9.3% would vote for “Batkivshchyna” party, 5.9% - for “Holos”, 4.1% - “Civic Position”. The rating of other political forces is less than 3%. About 40% of the polled have not decided on the choice.

•    Serhiy Nadal is a leader among the candidates for the mayoral post in Ternopil. If the elections were held in the nearest future, nearly 70% of those who have decided and intend to vote would support him. 5.9% of the polled would vote for S.Barna, 5.5% - for A.Bohdanets, 4.8% - for P.Landyak. Other candidates' ratings are less than 4%. Nearly 20% of respondents have not decided on the issue.

•    The simulation of the second round of mayoral elections revealed the following results: if S.Nadal and other rating candidates from political parties approached the second round, the current mayor would win within all options of combinations. Thus, considering the pair with S.Barna, 68% of the polled would support S.Nadal, while the candidate from "European Solidarity" party would be supported by 9%. Considering the pair with A.Bohdanets (“Sluha Narodu”) - 67% vs. 9%, with B.Brych (“Batkivshchyna”) - 71% vs. 4% in favor of the head of Ternopil.

Audience: residents of Ternopil aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age and gender. Total sample: 800 respondents. Method of the survey: CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews). Based on a random sampling of mobile phone numbers. The margin of error does not exceed 3.5%. Period of the survey: 13-16 April, 2020

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