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Всеукраинский муниципальный опрос

Ukrainian Municipal Survey

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The survey was conducted by Sociological Group “Rating” (Rating Group Ukraine) on behalf of the International Republican Institute

The data was collected in 24 cities of Ukraine (Kyiv and all oblast centers; in Donetsk oblast – Mariupol, in Luhansk oblast – Sievierodonetsk) between January 20, 2016 and February 8, 2016, through face-to-face interviews at respondents’ homes.
The sample consisted of 19,200 permanent residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older. It is representative for the general population by age, education and sex. To ensure representativeness, the sample was split in accordance with division of cities into electoral districts, which were provided by the Central Electoral Committee. At least 50 polling sites (50 previously selected sites) were covered in each city. They were selected at random, using the curtain step method. The random route and ‘next birthday’ rule were used for respondents’ selection procedures.
For reference, the previous municipal survey was conducted in 22 cities between March 2, 2015 to March 20, 2015. The sample size consisted of 17,600 respondents.
The margin of error for each city does not exceed ±3.5 percent.
The average response rate is 62.8 percent.
Charts and graphs may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding.
The survey was funded by the Government of Canada.

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