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Девятнадцатый общенациональный опрос. Празднование Рождества в Украине (20-21 ноября 2022 года)

Nineteenth national survey. Celebrating Christmas in Ukraine (November 20-21, 2022)

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The Sociological Group "Rating" within the framework of the Nineteenth national survey in the conditions of war, on November 20-21, 2022 carried out research on the attitude of Ukrainians towards the idea of transferring the date of Christmas celebration.

Over the last year, the number of those who celebrate Christmas only on December 25 (4% to 11%) and those who celebrate it on both dates (18% to 25%) has somewhat increased. More than half (55%) will celebrate Christmas on January 7 (71% in 2021). 8% do not celebrate Christmas at all (mostly among young people, residents of the South and the capital). Residents of the West, Kyiv, younger respondents and Greek Catholics mentioned more often either the double celebration of Christmas or the celebration only on December 25.

The number of those who support the idea of transferring the Christmas celebration to December 25 has also increased over the year: from 26% to 44%. 31% (in 2021 - 58%) stand against such an idea. 23% said they do not care about this question and 2% could not answer on the matter.

The majority of supporters of the idea of Christmas transferring was recorded among residents of the West and Kyiv: more than half support this idea. Among the residents of the Center, a relative majority (44%) is also not against this initiative. Moreover, there is considerable support for the idea of Christmas celebration postponing among Greek Catholics. Among the parishioners of OCU, almost a half support this idea (46%), while one-third of them stand against it. On the other hand, among the residents of the South and East, a relative majority does not support the idea of transferring the date of Christmas celebration. In terms of age, the most contradictions are observed within the older and middle-aged groups, where the relative majority (more than 40%) support the idea of postponing the date, while a significant number (at least one-third) are against it. Among young people, one-third are in favor of the transfer, while one-third are against it, and the same number said that they didn't care.

Audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of the Crimea and Donbas, as well as the territories where there was no Ukrainian mobile connection at the time of the survey. The results are weighted using the current data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, and type of settlement. Sample population: 1000 respondents. Survey method: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). Based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers. The margin of error of the study with the confidence interval of 0.95: does not exceed 3.1%. Dates of the survey: November 20-21, 2022.

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