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Год президента Зеленского: оценки граждан

A year of President Zelensky: assessments of citizens

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•    According to the survey carried out by the Sociological Group “Rating” on May 12-13, 2020, one-third of the population think the country is heading in the right direction, a half believes this direction is wrong; 17% could not answer. Young respondents, supporters of President Zelensky and “Sluha Narodu” party are more positive about the situation.

•    35% believe the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine has been improving recently, the same number thinks that it has not been changing, and 17% think it has been worsening. Over the last 2 weeks, the number of those who report the coronavirus situation worsening has decreased almost three times (from 44% to 17%).

•    The rating of trust among politicians is headed by V.Zelensky - he is trusted by 57% of the citizens, and distrusted by 37%. More than one-third of the polled could not assess their level of trust in politicians D.Razumkov and D.Shmyhal. In general, 25% trust D.Razumkov, 33% distrust him; only 14% trust the current Prime Minister, and 39% distrust him. Distrust in all other politicians is dominating; thus, Y.Boyko is trusted by 25%, distrusted – by 57%, S.Vakarchuk - 24% and 61% respectively, Y.Tymoshenko - 22% and 72%, P.Poroshenko - 20% and 76%.

•    The parliamentary rating is headed by “Sluha Narodu” party - 34% of those who intend to vote and have decided are ready to support it. “Opposition Platform – Za Zhyttia” - 15.1%, “European Solidarity” - 14.0%, “Batkivshchyna” - 9.2%, “Syla i Chest” - 4.7%, and “Radical Party” - 4.0%. Approximately 3% are ready to support “Shariy Party”, “Ukrainian Strategy” of Hroysman, “Svoboda”, and “Holos”.

•    If the presidential elections were held in the nearest future, 39.3% would vote for V.Zelensky (among those who intend to vote and have decided on the choice). 13.9% would support Y.Boyko, 13.3% - P.Poroshenko, 8.6% - Y.Tymoshenko, 5.9% - I.Smeshko. Support for other candidates is below 5%. 8% have not decided on the matter. Almost like a year ago, if V.Zelensky and P.Poroshenko had entered the second round, 75% of voters would have supported the current President, and 25% would have voted for P.Poroshenko. Similar results would be seen in case Y.Boyko and Y.Tymoshenko would have entered the second round.

•    In general, among all presidents of independent Ukraine, 20% consider L.Kuchma the best one. 16% answered that the best president was V.Zelensky, 13% - L.Kravchuk, 12% - P.Poroshenko, 9% - V.Yanukovych, and only 6% - V.Yushchenko. At the same time, 14% answered that none of them was the best, 10% could not answer. L.Kuchma and V.Yanukovych were chosen by the residents of the Southern and Eastern regions more often, P.Poroshenko - by the residents of the Western and Central regions. V.Zelensky was more often chosen by younger respondents, and L.Kravchuk - by older ones.

•    The periods of governance of the presidents L.Kuchma and V.Zelensky were described as a development epoch in Ukraine relatively more often. The years of V.Yushchenko governance were more often described as stagnation period, V.Yanukovych and P.Poroshenko – decline period. Assessments on this scale have their clear regional differences. Thus, residents of the East and South often gave negative assessments, talking about the years of governance of presidents V.Yushchenko and P.Poroshenko. Instead, residents of the West and Center more often assessed the period of V.Yanukovych governance as decline.

•    One-third of the respondents assess the first year of President Zelensky's governance as excellent or good, almost 40% as satisfactory, and about one-third as unsatisfactory or terrible. Relatively worse rates were given to President Zelensky by respondents from the East, urban residents, older people, and voters of P.Poroshenko and Y.Boyko. At the same time, young people, residents from the South, Center, and West gave relatively better rates.

•    Release of prisoners and hostages, as well as the fight against coronavirus - areas rated the best within the context of the first year of President Zelensky.

•    Average rates were given to such areas as unification of the country, international politics, strengthening of defense capabilities, social protection of the population, renewal of government personnel, education reform.

•    At the same time, respondents rated the worst such spheres as oligarchs' impact on politics, land and healthcare reform, fight against corruption, economic development, and ceasefire in Donbas. Most often low rates in various spheres were given by supporters of Y.Boyko and P.Poroshenko. Nevertheless, in such spheres as fight against corruption, healthcare and land reforms, and reduction of oligarchs' influence on politics, at least one-third of the current President’s supporters also gave negative assessments.

Audience: residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all regions except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, and settlement type. Method of the survey: CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews). Based on a random sampling of mobile phone numbers. Total sample: 3000 respondents. The margin of error with confidence level 0.95 does not exceed 1.8%. Period of the survey: 12-13 May, 2020.

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