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Народный ТОП: Любимые песни украинцев

National TOP: The Favourite Songs of Ukrainians

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Sociological group «Rating» continues the project «National ТОP» which consists of a series of surveys to determine the best of the best. Feature of the method consists in the fact that the respondents did not receive any tips and lists, they express an opinion solely using open questions. This time the question was "What are your three favorite songs?"

It was quite difficult to define the favourite songs of Ukrainians. The respondents named about 800 songs during the survey thus the quarter couldn't define the favourite song.It was calculated TOP-30 the most popular songs and the weight of each of them in the structure TOP-30 to define the rating among 800 songs which were named.

So, according to the results of research the most favourite song of Ukrainians is «Chervona Ruta» (the specific weight in top-30 is 14,3%). Also among the favourite songs: «Chornobryvtsi» (5%), «Odna kalyna» (4,3%), «Nese Halya vodu» (4,1%), «Oy, smereko» (3,9%), «Myllyon alyh roz», «Hutoryanka», «Ridna maty moya» and «Katyusha» (by 3,6%), «Aysberh», «Den Pobedy» (by 3,3%), «O Bozhe, kakoy muzhchyna» (3,2%), «Cheremshyna» and «Oy, na hori dva dubky» (by 3%).

It was defined TOP-30 the most popular singers and calculated the weight of each of them in the structure TOP-30 based on the named favourite songs

Thus the most popular performers are to S. Rotaru (specific weight in top-30 is 14,3%) and A.Pugacheva (11,2%). The popular song in the repertory of S. Rotaru is «Chervona Ruta». «Myllyon alyh roz» and «Aysberh» are popular among the songs of A.Pugacheva.

The answers of respondents were also divided on the period of songs creation (before the 90th and after the 90th), the language of execution and the musical style.

So, in the structure of the favourite songs of Ukrainians a half (51%) falls on the modern period – after the 90th years, 49% are created before the 90th years.

The majority of the favourite songs of Ukrainians (53%) is Russian-speaking, 39% are Ukrainian-language, 8% are foreign.

In the structure of the favourite songs of Ukrainians about a half (48%) is popular songs, 16% are national, 11% are rock, 10% are chanson. The less widespread are patriotic songs and romances (by 5%), bard songs (2%), club and electronic and classical music (1%).

The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older.
Optional quantity: 2000 respondents.
The methods of investigation: personal formalized interview according to the questionnaire (face to face).
Margin of error for the values close to 50% is less than 2.2%, for the values close to 30% – less than 2%, for the values close to 10% – less than 1.3%. The period of completion: 26 of Semtember – 6 of October 2013

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