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Девятнадцатый общенациональный опрос. Итоги года. Ожидания от будущего (20-21 ноября 2022 года)

Nineteenth national survey. Results of the year. Expectations for the future (November 20-21, 2022)

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The Sociological Group "Rating" within the framework of the Nineteenth national survey in the conditions of war, on November 20-21, 2022 carried out comprehensive research on the assessments of changes in various spheres of life, and citizens’ expectations and hopes for the next year.

As of the end of 2022, over 82% of respondents believe that things in Ukraine are going in the right direction, only 7% think this direction is wrong. Assessment of the right direction of things’ development dominates in all regional cuts and age groups.
The absolute majority of respondents (97%) are sure that Ukraine will be able to beat off Russian attack.
Two-thirds of the polled expect the next 2023 year to be better than the previous one. 12% believe that next year will be the same, 16% - worse. Compared to last year's study, the indicators are more optimistic. Also, almost 90% wait for 2023 with optimism, only 6% with pessimism.
When assessing changes in various spheres over the last year, more positive rates were recorded referring the political situation (about half said it had improved) and a feeling of confidence in the future (almost 40% of respondents said it had improved).
Regarding the assessment of their own state of health, two-thirds of the polled indicated no changes, one-third mentioned deterioration. The respondents rated the economic situation in the country the worst: 80% noted deterioration, 10% - no change, only 6% - improvement. More than 60% said that the economic situation of their family had worsened, one-third mentioned no change, and only 4% - improvement.
Considering the dynamics over the last year, the feeling of confidence in the future and assessment of the political situation in the country have improved. Although the assessment of both one's own economic situation and the country’s has undergone negative changes over the year, the indicators are not worse than the 2018 level. Negative trends in the assessments of the economy and finances among the younger and middle-aged generations’ representatives are especially noticeable.
Evaluating changes in specific spheres, the best ratings are observed in the assessment of the country's defense capacity (90%) and Ukraine's international image (86%).
Referring freedom of speech and democracy, half of the respondents have not noticed any changes, 34% believe that the situation has improved, 12% think it has worsened. Regarding the roads’ condition, 42% have hardly noted any changes, 24% - improvement, and 28% - deterioration. The situation with the fight against corruption has not changed for 46%, improved for 22%, worsened for 17%. The quality of healthcare and housing and communal services has not changed for almost half of the polled, improved - for 12% and 8% respectively, worsened - for 23% and 41% respectively.
The worst rated are the situation with the prices for basic goods and medicines (worsened for 94%), opportunities to find a job (worsened for 72%), and quality of education (worsened for 55%).
Referring the dynamics, negative trends are observed regarding the evaluation of the roads’ condition, the opportunity of finding a job, and the quality of education. There were no changes during the assessment year regarding the prices for basic goods and medicines. Indexes regarding the quality of housing and communal services, healthcare, fight against corruption, freedom of speech and democracy, and especially the international image, have improved.
Audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories of the Crimea and Donbas, as well as the territories where there was no Ukrainian mobile connection at the time of the survey. The results are weighted using the current data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, and type of settlement. Sample population: 1000 respondents. Survey method: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). Based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers. The margin of error of the study with the confidence interval of 0.95: does not exceed 3.1%.
Dates of the survey: November 20-21, 2022.

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