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Общественно-политические настроения населения

Social and political moods of the population

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  • According to the research carried out by the Sociological Group "Rating", 30% of the polled Ukrainians trust A.Hrytsenko. Almost every fifth trusts Y.Tymoshenko, A.Sadoviy, V.Rabinovych, and O.Lyashko. V.Nalyvaychenko, P.Poroshenko, Y.Boyko – 16-17% each; M.Katerynchuk, O.Tyahnybok, D.Dobrodomov, V.Hroisman, M.Saakashvili, Y.Lutsenko, A.Parubiy - 13-14% each; N.Savchenko - 11%.
  • If the parliamentary elections were held in the nearest future, 13.9% of those who intend to vote and have decided on their choice of the party are ready to vote for Batkivshchyna. 10.4% would vote for Opposition bloc, 10.2% - for BPP Solidarnist, 9.5% - Radical Party, 9.2% - "Za Zhittya". 7.7% of the respondents are ready to choose Civic Position, 7.1% - Samopomich, 6.6% - Svoboda, 2% each - People's Control and UKROP. Rating of the other political forces is less than 2%.
  • If the presidential elections in Ukraine were held next Sunday, 15% of those who intend to participate in the elections and have decided on their choice would vote for Yulia Tymoshenko. 12% - would vote for P.Poroshenko, 10.2% - for Y.Boyko, for A.Hrytsenko and V.Rabinovych - 10.1 each%, O.Lyashko - 9.6%, A.Sadoviy - 7.6%, O.Tyahnybok - 4.8%. Rating of the other candidates is less than 2%.
  • 76% of the polled consider that things in Ukraine are going in the wrong direction, 13% - in the right direction, every tenth – have not decided on the answer. More positive in the assessments of the things in the country are the citizens of the West and youth.
  • More than a half (53%) of the polled believes the military conflict in the East of Ukraine to be the major problem. More than 45% are concerned about the low salaries or pensions and communal tariffs growth. More than one-third considers basic goods prices growth and inflation as serious problems. For a quarter of the respondents bribery and corruption within government bodies, lack of working places and unemployment are also important.
  • Over the past two years the importance of such issues as low salaries/pensions, basic goods prices growth as well as bribery and corruption in the central government has increased. Instead, the importance of such issue as communal tariffs growth has significantly decreased (from 70% to 45%). While the citizens of the West are relatively more concerned about the military conflict in Donbas and corruption within the central government bodies, the residents of the South and East – about the low salaries and pensions, the growth of prices and communal tariffs.
  • A half of the polled supports the idea of dissolving the parliament and calling new parliamentary elections, 37% - do not support, 13% - undecided. The level of support of the idea of pre-term elections in the annual term almost has not changed. The idea of pre-term parliamentary elections is the most supported among the voters of Opposition  Block and Batkivshchyna, the least supported – BPP Solidarnist.
  • 54% stated they are not ready to personally defend their rights and interests by participating in the protests, 36% - are ready, every tenth - undecided. The most active and ready to defend their rights are the West and Center, young and middle-aged people.
  • Respondents: residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, region, and place of residence. Total sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2,2%.
  • Period of the survey: 12-20 May 2017.

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