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Общественно-политические настроения населения (3-6 сентября)

Socio-political moods of the population (3-6 September)

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•    Results of the survey carried out by the Sociological Group Rating on September 3-6, 2020 revealed that 68% of respondents think Ukraine is heading in the wrong direction, 18% share the opposing opinion.

•    63% of the polled think the economic situation in Ukraine has rather worsened over the last six months. Only 7% have noticed improvement, 26% have not seen any changes. 49% of respondents said the economic situation of their households had deteriorated. Only 6% said the situation had improved. 44% believe that nothing has changed.

•    While assessing the nearest future, 32% do not expect any changes in the economic situation of the country in the next six months; 43% expect deterioration, while 15% - improvement.

•    57% are convinced that the main reason for the economic crisis this fall is the incompetence of the authorities. 26% see the cause in the worsening of the coronavirus epidemic, 8% - in the continuation of the war in the Donbass.

•    45% of the polled believe the measures taken by the authorities to combat coronavirus are optimal. 23% believe they are too soft; 18%, on the contrary, find them too severe. Typically, since April, the number of those who believe that measures to combat the epidemic are too soft has been growing, while the number of those who find these measures to be too harsh also has been increasing.

•    While assessing the risks of the epidemic, 61% say they are afraid of the economic consequences of this crisis rather than the disease itself. On the other hand, 29% are more afraid of disease.

•    35% are satisfied with the activities of President V.Zelensky, and 57% are dissatisfied. 23% are satisfied with the performance of the Verkhovna Rada Head D.Razumkov, and 55% are dissatisfied. Only 14% approve of the performance of Prime Minister D.Shmygal, 59% disapprove it, and 27% could not assess his activities. Among the central authorities, respondents are most dissatisfied with the performance of the Government (73%) and the Verkhovna Rada (76%).

•    Among the law enforcement agencies, best rated were the army's activities: 51% of those satisfied and 32% - dissatisfied. 33% of respondents are satisfied with the work of the National Guard, 43% - dissatisfied, and 25% could not assess. Assessments of the activities of other law enforcement agencies are somewhat worse. Thus, 26% of respondents are satisfied with the activities of the police, 63% are dissatisfied. 23% are satisfied with the activities of the Security Service of Ukraine, 50% are dissatisfied, and 27% could not assess. 20% are satisfied with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 63% are dissatisfied, and 17% could not assess. 13% are satisfied with the Prosecutor General's Office, 64% are dissatisfied, and 24% were unable to assess. Only 11% are satisfied with the performance of the courts, 69% are dissatisfied, and 20% were unable to assess. The respondents are the least satisfied with the activities of the anti-corruption bodies such as NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau), NAPC (National Agency for Prevention of Corruption) and SAP (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office). 7-10% of respondents are positive about the activities of these bodies, while more than 60% share the opposing opinion.

•    While assessing the influence of key politicians / heads of departments on government ratings, respondents rated the work of the Head of the Verkhovna Rada D.Razumkov relatively better: 25% believe his activities have a positive effect on the popularity of the current authorities’ team; the same number shares the opposing opinion. 18% believe his work has no impact on these indicators, 32% could not answer at all.

•    Regarding other key politicians, respondents' opinions were as follows. 13% believe the activities of Prime Minister D.Shmygal have a positive impact on the ratings of the authoritites, 32% share the opposing opinion. 13% of respondents think the activities of the Minister of Internal Affairs A.Avakov have a positive effect on the authorities’ ratings, 41% - think the opposite. 10% of respondents believe the activities of the Head of the Office of President A.Yermak have a positive impact on the ratings of the authorities, 32% share the opposing opinion. 8% of respondents think the activities of the head of the “Sluha Narodu” faction in the parliament D.Arahamiya have a positive effect on the authorities’ ratings, 28% - think the opposite. Only 6% believe the activities of Prosecutor General I.Venedyktova and NABU Head A.Sytnyk have a positive effect on the authorities' ratings, one-third of the polled share the opposing opinion.

•    The leader of the presidential rating is V Zelensky - 29% of those who have decided and intend to take part in the elections are ready to support him. 15.5% of such respondents could vote for Y.Boyko, 14% - for P.Poroshenko, 9.3% - Y.Tymoshenko, 6.4% - I.Smeshko, 3.6% - O.Lyashko, S.Prytula, and V.Hroysman. The rating of other candidates is below 3%. About 14% of the polled have not decided on the matter.

Audience: residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all oblasts, except for the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, and settlement type. Total sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error with a 0.95 confidence level does not exceed 2.2%. Period of the survey: 3-6 September, 2020

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