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Оценка международной поддержки Украины (8-9 марта 2022)

Assessment of international support of Ukraine (March 8-9, 2022)

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The survey conducted by the Sociological Group “Rating” on March 8-9, 2022, showed that Ukrainians consider the diplomatic (48%) and humanitarian (47%) support for Ukraine from Western partners to be relatively sufficient.

The types of support that they consider rather insufficient are financial support (39%, sufficient; 45%, insufficient) and economic sanctions against Russia (32%, sufficient; 62%, insufficient).

Military assistance to Ukraine was rated the worst: only 29% consider it sufficient, while 62% consider it insufficient. From the regional point of view, the various types of support are rated the worst in the South and in the East, and relatively better, in the West and in the Center. 
Military assistance to Ukraine is the type of international support that Ukrainians expect the most (63%). Regarding this assistance, the respondents demand “closing the sky” (89%) and providing weapons (47%). In addition, one fourth of the respondents consider military medical care and foreign volunteers necessary, while one in five consider it necessary that Ukraine is provided with equipment (walkie-talkies, thermal imagers, etc.), protective vests and helmets.
Although the majority (50%) believe that the “sky” over Ukraine will be “closed”, only 19% believe that NATO will make such a decision in the nearest future, while 31% think that it will happen later. 43% do not believe that the Western countries will take such a step.
79% believe that NATO countries’ delay with “closing the sky” is due to the fear of a direct war with Russia. 12% believe that NATO countries do not want to spoil relations with Russia. 
At the same time, the vast majority of respondents (90%) believe that Ukraine should keep up the pressure on NATO to “close the sky”.
Audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all oblasts, except for the temporarily occupied territories of the Crimea and Donbas. The sample is representative by age, sex and type of settlement. Sample population: 1200 respondents. Survey method: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews). Error of representativeness of the study with a confidence level of 0.95: not more than 2.8%. Dates: March 8-9, 2022.

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