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Отношение к инициативе возвращения У.Супрун на должность Министра здравоохранения

Attitude to the initiative to Reinstate Ulyana Suprun as the Minister of Health of Ukraine

Date posted: 13.04.2020 Print Full version

On March 23, 2020, a petition "Reinstate Ulyana Suprun as the Minister of Health of Ukraine" was registered on the website of electronic petitions to the President of Ukraine, and it has already collected the required number of signatures. Thus, we have decided to find out the opinion of Ukrainians on this matter. According to the poll conducted by the Rating Group on April 12-13, 63% don’t support Ulyana Suprun's return to the office as the Minister of Health of Ukraine, while 14% do support this idea; a quarter could not answer this question.

This initiative is relatively more supported in the Western regions (21% - support, 49% - oppose). In the Central regions, 14% support the idea and 65% oppose. It gains the lowest support in the Southern (11% - support, 73% - oppose) and Eastern regions (8% - support, 62% - oppose). Older people are most likely to oppose the idea of returning her to the office - more than 70% of them don’t support it.

Sample: 940 respondents. The margin of error with confidence level 0.95 does not exceed 4%. Internet survey based on CASI method (Computer-Assisted Self Interviewing). Based on a random sampling of mobile phone numbers. Period of the survey: 12-13, April, 2020.

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