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Отношение украинцев к Турции

The attitude of Ukrainians towards Turkey

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 • According to the survey conducted by the Sociological Group "Rating" in November 2017, the majority of the polled associate Turkey with tourism, sea recreation, and resorts (46%). 12% associate it with the Turkish goods, products, and TV series. A quarter of the respondents could not name any associations related to Turkey.

Only 10% of the polled have visited Turkey (9% - once or twice, 1% - more than twice). Almost 90% have never been to this country. Persons under the age of 50 and those with higher incomes are among those who have visited this country somewhat more often as compared to others (more than a third of them have been to Turkey).
Among those who have visited Turkey, the vast majority (76%) had gone there for recreation. 24% have visited this country for the purpose of excursions to touristic cities. Only 6% have gone there to work (primarily residents of the South), 4% - on business, 3% - to visit relatives.
53% of Ukrainians state their positive attitude towards the Turkish people. 43% say they are neutral and only 2% - negative. The most positive attitude towards the Turkish people was recorded among the citizens of the South and Center (57% each), in the West - 53% are positive, in the East - 38%. At the same time, urban citizens, those with relatively high income level, those who have visited Turkey at least once, or those who watch Turkish TV series are somewhat more positive towards the Turkish people as compared to others.
54% of the respondents rated the relations between Ukraine and Turkey as friendly, 37% - as neutral, and only 1% - as hostile. 7% could not answer this question. The highest number of those who rate the relations of the two countries as friendly was recorded among the respondents from the Center, urban residents, young people (under 35 years old), and those with higher incomes.
In general, 54% of the polled are positive towards the Turkish goods, 37% are neutral, only 2% - negative. 7% found it difficult to express their attitude. Urban residents, young and middle-aged people, those with higher incomes are somewhat more positive towards the Turkish goods.
51% say that over the last year they have bought Turkish clothes, 41% - fruits and vegetables, 28% - shoes, 19% - sweets. Over the last year, less than 7% of the respondents have bought such kinds of goods as children's goods, household appliances, building materials, household chemicals, drugs. Only 2% of the polled have used the services of the Turkish airlines. 20% stated that they had not bought Turkish goods and had not used the services of companies from this country at all. The least amount of Turkish goods and services was bought by the citizens of the West.
56% don’t watch Turkish TV series. At the same time, 70% of those who watch them agree that they create a positive impression about the country, and only 5% - negative. 14% say they do not create any impression, 11% could not provide any assessment. Turkish series are especially popular among women, often of older age, and also more popular in the villages than in the cities.
Audience: residents of Ukraine aged 18 and older. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender, region, and settlement type. Total sample: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The margin of error does not exceed 2.2%. Period of the survey: 15-23 November 2017

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