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Политические настроения населения: апрель 2014

The political mood: April 2014

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According to a survey conducted by the sociological group "Rating" in the end of April 2014, half (51%) definitely would take part in the presidential election in Ukraine, 27% more likely would take part. Compared with previous surveys, turnout of Donbas  decreased by about 1.5 times - only 22% exactly ready to vote, another 20% - more so than not.

In the special presidential elections in Ukraine 34.3% (among all respondents) are willing to vote for P.Poroshenko, Y.Tymoshenko would support 11.1% of respondents. The third position took S.Tihipko with 5.7% of support. M.Dobkin gets 4.1% support of voters, 3.6% of respondents  would vote for A.Grytsenko. About 3% of respondents support  O.Lyashko and  P.Symonenko, O.Tiahnybok and O.Bohomolets - about 2%,  O.Tsaryov and D.Jarosz - about 1%.

When respondents were asked who was behind the protests in eastern Ukraine, 59% of surveyed think it is Russian special services, 42% - close people to the former President Viktor Yanukovych, 25% - local oligarchs, 23% - Party of Regions, 22% - locals dissatisfied with the policies of the new government. Radical nationalist organizations involved in the protests  - 13%,  Western intelligence services - 5%, Security Service of Ukraine- 2%, other - 2%, undecided 11%.

In the question how the Ukrainian government should act against the protesters who are calling for the splittinf of certain regions from Ukraine, 40% consider the necessity to negotiate, to meet some of the requirements, but the region should remain the part of Ukraine. 35% of respondents support the tough action and usage of weapons, if necessary, 15% - for providing the right to locals to determine the fate of the region, 2% -another, 8 % are undecided on this issue.

If the Russian armies cross the continental borders of Ukraine, 51% consider that Ukraine has to fight to protect the borders. 29% - for the negotiations having satisfied the part of requirements of Russia, but thus all regions there have to be as a part of Ukraine, 5% - for satisfying the majority of requirements of Russia if it is necessary to give some regions, 3% - another,  12% are undecided.

44% of respondents are uniquely or rather ready to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine with arms, while 46% rather aren't ready for it. Another 10 % - are undecided. To protect the territory are more willing in the West, the North and the Center. The willingness to defend the territorial integrity is higher among young people, men, working people and those who has higher education and higher income.

The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older.The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Optional quantity: 2000 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face to face). Margin of error is less than 2.2%. The period of completion: 25-30 of April 2014.

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