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Рейтинг радости: 2014

Rating of joy: 2014

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According to the research conducted by Sociological group "Rating", most of respondents (71%) consider itself happy (including 28% - clearly happy, and 18% - unhappy, undecided - 11%.

To the question "What brings you more joy in your life?" 68% of respondents said that the family, 56% - children, 44% - friends. Next in the ranking of "joy": money and receiving gifts (25%), work and watching television (24%), to give gifts (23%), to communicate with the nature (20%), music (19%), doing household chores (18%), travel and the Internet (16%).

The next in the ranking of joy - pets (15%), books and food (14%), birthday (13%), sex and cinema (12%), shopping, vacation / holidays, prayer (church) (11% ). Less widespread – to sing songs and play sports (9%), to dance and privacy (6%), the victory of their favorite team and education (5%), theater (4%), alcohol (3%), gambling (2 %). Undecided 3%, nothing brings joy 4% of respondents.

Interesting was the result of grouping the pleasures. Factor analysis showed that it is possible to allocate the following types of pleasures: "material" (gifts, shopping, birthday, travel), "entertaining" (dance, sing songs, theater, books, music, movies), "youth" (training, vacation / vacation, friends), "unhappy" (watching TV, eating, money), "family" (family, children), "destructive" (soft drugs, gambling, alcohol), "privacy" (prayer (church), housekeeping housework, communicate with nature, privacy), "male" (victories of s favorite team, to play sports, work, internet, sex).

The target audience of the research: the population of Ukraine aged from 18 and older. The sample is representative by age, gender, region and type of settlement. Optional quantity: 2400 respondents. Personal formalized interview (face to face). Margin of error is less than 2,1%. The period of completion: 1 - 9 of December 2014 

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