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Седьмой общенациональный опрос: Украина в условиях войны (30-31 марта 2022)

The seventh national poll: Ukraine during the war (March 30-31, 2022)

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The survey conducted by the Sociological Group “Rating” on March 30-31, 2022 shows that 78% of the respondents believe that things in Ukraine are moving in the right direction. Only 11% disagreed, while another 11% could not make an assessment. The assessment of this direction as the right one continues to prevail in all the regions of Ukraine and among all the age groups. 

95% of the respondents believe that Ukraine will be able to repel Russia's attack, but the confidence in the quick victory “over a few weeks” has slightly decreased: from 47% to 35%. Instead, the shares of the answers “several months” and “six months to a year” increased. 14% of the respondents could not answer this question.
The support for NATO accession continues to decline. In the first days of the war, the support for Ukraine's accession to the Alliance increased from 62% to 76%. After the first week of the war, this support decreased to 72%, and at the end of March, it equals 68%, i.e., it is approaching the pre-war levels.
At the same time, the support for EU accession is growing. In the first days of the war, it increased from 68% to 86%, then its growth continued, and as of the end of March, 91% support Ukraine’s membership in the EU – an absolute record over all the years of our surveys.
At the same time, the majority of the respondents (56%) are convinced that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union in one or two years, while 23% believe it will happen in five years. Over the last month, the share of those who believe that Ukraine will join the EU in the very short term decreased slightly (from 61% to 56%), and the share of those who believe Ukraine will join the EU in five years increased (from 13% to 23%).
Audience: the population of Ukraine aged 18 and older in all oblasts, except for the temporarily occupied territories of the Crimea and Donbas. The sample is representative by age, sex and type of settlement. Sample population: 1500 respondents. Survey method: CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews). Error of representativeness of the study with the confidence level of 0.95: not more than 2.5%. Dates: March 30-31, 2022

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